The school members of this Association are all accredited by Associations that have been recognized as accrediting members of FAANS or that are accredited by SACS or CAJE (see below.) Accreditation means that each school has voluntarily undertaken a rigorous program of self-study which is then evaluated by a committee of its peers. Schools must meet the published Standards and criteria established by their Accrediting organization in order
to be awarded the status of accreditation.

Accreditation guarantees parents and children that the school is doing what it says it is doing. It is the parents assurance of legitimacy and the student's guarantee that his or hers credits will be accepted at the other schools and at institutions of higher learning. Accreditation also assures financial stability, safety, qualified teachers, sound curriculum and continuous improvement. To enroll in a non-accredited school may prove to be extremely unwise.

Furthermore, all of our members realize that they cannot meet the needs of every child and, if not, will gladly recommend a more appropriate school. Parents can have the assurance that our members are supportive of one another in this regard. The welfare of children is the essential goal of all our schools.


ACSI - Association of Christian Schools International

AISF - Association of Independent Schools of Florida

COBIS - Council of Bilingual Schools

CSF - Christian Schools of Florida

EDF - Episcopal Diocese of Florida

FACCS - Florida Association of Christian Colleges and Schools

FCC - Florida Catholic Conference

FCIS - Florida Council of Independent Schools

FKC - Florida Kindergarten Council

FCSDA - Florida Conference of Seventh Day Adventist Schools

FLCS - Florida League of Christian Schools

LSFGD - Lutheran Schools: The Florida-Georgia District

NIPSA - National Independent Schools Association

CGACS - Church of God Association of Christian Schools

Also recognized by ISSF:
SACS - Southern Association of Colleges and Schools
CAJE - Central Agency for Jewish Education